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Frequently Ask Questions

This section is going to help you all about your questions. Please look at those questions and get your answers easily. Your are not going to be confused about Home Improving.

1. Do replacement windows really pay for themselves?
Yes, if you select high quality, energy-efficient windows from our Gorell® window line, you can lower your home energy consumption. Our vinyl-framed windows also eliminate the need to paint and scrape to upkeep their appearance. Your energy and maintenance savings will allow you to recoup your windows investment over time.
2. Q. How durable is your vinyl siding?
Our vinyl siding by Variform® is built to last, compared to other exterior sidings. Our siding provides unsurpassed strength with little or no maintenance required. It will not rust, peel, scratch or blister. Vinyl is also impervious to rain, salt, termites and other insects. With the backing of a transferable limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured your home will remain beautiful for the duration.
3. What is the life span of your gutter protection system?
The coatings on the gutter and hood will last over 20 years or more. The base material will not corrode and it is guaranteed not to fade. Our gutter system can virtually withstand all weather conditions.
4. Will I save money on my home energy bills by insulation in my attic?
Yes, Energy Star ® rated and qualifies for energy tax credits. You can save up to 25% on your home heating and cooling bills by using this product. We can conduct an energy audit on your home to determine your actual cost savings. eShield™ pays for itself faster than any other home improvements.
5. What kind of guarantees do you have on your roofing services?
We use state-of-the art roofing materials that are designed for maximum long term protection. Millions of homeowners nationwide trust our use of GAF Roofing products – North America’s largest roofing material manufacturer. Our roofing system also carries the Good Housekeeping Seal ® of approval.
6. How much construction is involved in erecting a pergola, pavilion or garden arbor at my home?
Our custom-designed outdoor structures have an exclusive “snap-fit” feature that requires no screws, making installation fast and simple. They are very durable and have a long life. These additions not only add beauty and shelter to your yard, but they are also designed to provide you extra UV protection from sun exposure.
7. What is a replacement window?
It is a window that’s custom built to fit within the opening of an existing window. A true replacement window by Gorell ® is built to fit precisely. It can be installed without disturbing the interior and exterior areas around the original window.
8. Does your vinyl siding come in a variety of styles and colors?
Yes, you can create a look all your own for your home. We offer a vast selection of profiles and colors. You can find a traditional look or recreate a home style from a bygone era. Variform® vinyl siding is very versatile and easy to install
9. Do I have to completely install a new roof?
No, our professionals will come out and assess your home‘s roofing needs. We may recommend that you only need to replace some damaged or missing shingles. Whether you just need roofing repairs or require an entire new roof, we install quality components by GAF Roofing products. This material is specially designed to prevent leakage.
10. What kind of maintenance will be required with your outdoor pavilions?
Our pavilions, pergolas and garden arbors are virtually maintenance-free for a long life. These heavy duty aluminum structures feature an electronic-static finish. They won’t peel and they are crack resistant. These yard accents won’t warp and become infested by insects. A pavilion is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without any fuss.

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