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Tile Flooring

Professional Installation

Tile and stone flooring can look great with a variety of rooms in your home. With tile and stone floors, you can choose the color, pattern design, and arrangement of your floor, giving you as many possible flooring options as you can think of. Incorporating stone or tile flooring into your home can add an elegant, modern or rustic old world look to any room or outdoor space in your house.

Best of all, tile and stone flooring are much easier to care for than carpet floors. Use granite countertops to compliment these floors and transform your home into an exquisite modern paradise.

Hardwood Flooring

Professional Installation

Hardwood flooring stands not only as one of many flooring options, but as a tradition against which other wood flooring options are judged. But in addition to simple reputation, hardwood flooring has a solid foothold as being beneficial in both the aesthetic as well as the practical.

There is no denying that the look and texture of solid hardwood floors have a unique appeal. They lend a sense of home, a sense of permanence and old-world reliability that cannot be delivered in the same way by any other type of flooring. And hardwood also lends notable structural benefit to a property as well. This is significant not only for overall longevity of your home or commercial space, but also a greater value to that property too. On top of these general benefits, solid hardwood floors offer a range of options as far as species, cut, stain, finish and surface. Walnut, hickory, oak, cherry, birch, alder, maple, and many other hardwood floors are but a few of the choices in species that can lend your project a unique character and definition. Hardwood floors truly stand alone; a floor that exudes class, and in a class by itself!

Carpet Flooring

Professional Installation

Carpet is undoubtedly the warmest, most inviting flooring option you can choose. Here at POTOMAC, we are proud to specialize in carpeting and to bring you more options and expertise than any other flooring center in Dc Metro area. Not only do we specialize in carpeting for the home, but also for the office, or workspace. Coles has a wide selection of carpeting available for those with commercial carpet needs Dc Metro area. Furthermore, we understand that you're not going to sacrifice style for the sake of durability and budget, so plenty of beautiful commercial carpeting choices are available.

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